Team Up With a Dependable Freight Broker

Bailey’s Transit Solutions, Inc. is a non-asset based freight broker. We rely on independent carriers and drivers to help in the freight shipping of our clients’ goods.


Our Partnership

From single operators to large organizations, we work with trucking companies of all sizes. Our team provides a 24/7 dispatch service to provide drivers with help at any hour of any day.

Get Started

We always welcome dependable carriers to work with. To get set up as one of our carriers, please email the following information to

  • Copy of Operating Authority
  • Completed W-9 Form
  • Current Copy of Insurance Certificate
  • Contact Information of Company With Email Address

Once we receive and process these documents, we will email you a Broker/Carrier Agreement to be completed and returned. Finally, we will call you to find out how we can be business partners.

Call Us

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today for more information.